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Pros and Cons of Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Going through a divorce obviously causes you to change your lifestyle in several ways. One lifestyle change that women often have to go through is changing their last name. Not all women go back to their maiden name, and for many the decision to keep their name is really stressful.

There are several pros and cons to changing your last name after a divorce. Every situation is different, so ultimately you need to just do what’s best for you and don’t worry about what others are doing or saying.

Pros of changing your name read more

How to Get Unpaid Child Support Payments

How-to-Get-Unpaid-Child-Support-PaymentsWhen a couple who has children gets divorced the courts use a simple method to calculate child support payments. The state of Oklahoma created child support guidelines back in 1987 and those guidelines are still used today. These guidelines use two main factors to determine child support payments: the income of the parents and the number of overnight visits the child has with each parent.

Once the amount is set by the court it can be changed if a parent’s income changes or if the number of overnight visits changes. read more

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is often a buzzword used in mob movies, but few people actually understand what money laundering is or how it works. Generally speaking money laundering is hiding money earned from illegal activity and there are state and federal laws against laundering. Some estimate that more than a trillion dollars are laundered every year.

In order for money laundering to happen there are two components that must be met: illegal activity and concealment.

Illegal Activity

The first qualification for money laundering is the money must be obtained from illegal activity. This means if you simply shuffle some money in an offshore bank account to hide it from the IRS it wouldn’t count as money laundering. While you can be convicted of tax evasion, since the money originated from a legal source money laundering isn’t on the table. read more

Hoverboard Personal Injury

From shopping mall kiosk to YouTube videos, hoverboards have taken the nation by storm. These Segway inspired devices allow the rider to effortlessly glide around using their feet and body weight to steer. hoverboard

Unfortunately, hoverboards don’t actually hover and they are incredibly easy to fall off of and they can catch on fire without any warning. Because the spontaneous combustion, several airports, cities and entire countries have banned hoverboards from public areas.

With riders falling down and getting burned left and right, hoverboard injuries are on the rise. Hoverboard personal injury cases have started to pop up all over the country. read more

What Not To Do When You Get Pulled Over For a DUI

The sleepy town of Owasso is hardly a hotbed of criminal activity, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get our fair share of excitement. One Owasso man recently made sure Owasso got it’s dose of excitement for the month when he led police on a high-speed chase through Tulsa, Owasso, and Sapulpa.

Justin Corley is the 28-year-old man who provided a great example of what not to do when you get pulled over for a DUI. Police noticed Corley when he was driving west on I-44 at a “very low rate of speed” around 3:34 am. Corley exited without signaling and then re-entered without signaling. Police noticed Corley’s car matched the description of a car that fled a police stop earlier that night. read more

How to Prepare for a Divorce

With the dust of the holidays finally settling, it’s time to move on to other things. For a surprisingly large number of Americans, other things means divorce. Studies show that November and December have the lowest numbers of divorces. Experts say families, especially families with kids, want to stick together during the holidays to maintain traditions and not ruin the holidays for other family members. In contrast, the first quarter is the busiest time of the year for divorce, with March having the most divorce filings. It seems the end of the year is the calm before the storm. read more

Public Intoxication in Oklahoma

The New Year’s celebrations are barely a week old, and odds are a fair amount of Oklahoma partied a little too hard and got slapped with a public intoxication charge. This kind of charge is strictly enforced in Oklahoma, as well as other Oklahoma liquor laws.

Oklahoma public intoxication laws make it illegal to consume any kind of alcohol in a public place that is not licensed to serve or sell alcohol.

You can get arrested for public intoxication for one of three reasons.

  1. Being drunk on any road, in a public place, or at a public gathering
  2. Drinking in a vehicle or a public place
  3. Being drunk and disturbing the peace

Because Oklahoma public intoxication laws are so strict, you can even get arrested for riding shotgun while drunk. You can also get arrested if you’re drunk and being annoying to other people at the bar. read more

Trusts for Children

Making a trust for your children is a great way to take care of your kids and make sure your estate is properly distributed when you die. You have two options when it comes to setting up trusts for children: individual trusts or pot trusts.


Whichever option you pick, you’ll need to appoint a trustee. This decision should not be made lightly because the trustee will be responsible for taking care of the trust and executing the instructions of the trust if you are unable to.

When your child turns 18 the trust will be transferred to them. If the child is 18 at the time of your death the trust never becomes active and your estate will be given to the child. The trustee can spend money from the trust to pay for your child’s education, living expenses and other necessities. read more

How to Form a Partnership Agreement in Oklahoma

Forming a new business with a partner can be so exciting. In the rapidly approaching year of 2016, plenty of brave entrepreneurs will join forces with another intrepid soul to form a business partnership. Often life long friends will band together and try to dominate the market. While things in the early stages can seem bright and rosy, partnerships end up dissolving all the time.

There are lots of reasons a partnership can fail. It could be a difference of opinion, an unexpected health concern, a sudden family emergency or even something malicious. read more

LLC vs Corporation

If you’re starting a new business one of the first items on your to-do list should be deciding what kind of legal structure your business will have. Picking from this list can be a steep order. There seems to be a vast cornucopia of abbreviations to choose from. The most common kinds of business structures are LLC and corporations. There are pros and cons to each style and you should spend some time considering each option. Your decision will make a big difference come tax time and if your business ever gets sued. read more