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“If you’re going to drink, don’t drive”. This is excellent advice, but thousands of drivers will be charged this year with driving under the influence (DUI) just the same. Not all of these drivers deserve the penalties that accompany a first time DUI, and it’s actually possible to be incorrectly charged with a DUI. Given what a DUI conviction can mean in terms of driving privileges in the state of Oklahoma, a driver would be unwise not to contest such a verdict, but instead should consult with a Claremore DUI lawyer. All DUI Laws Are Not Alike While the purpose of all DUI laws is to punish inebriated drivers and to keep repeat offenders off of the roadways, drivers should understand that there are variances to these laws by state, and sometimes even between communities within a single state. It’s important that drivers understand these differences, both to avoid running afoul of regulations, and to protect their rights.

Oklahoma makes a distinction between the conditions of DUI and DWI (driving while impaired), which has to do with the driver’s Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). Not all states make a clear distinction between DUI and DWI, but in Oklahoma, drivers with alcohol in their system but a BAC of under (0.08%) are considered DWI, while drivers with a BAC of or over (0.08%) are considered DUI. The penalty differences between a DWI and a DUI in Oklahoma are significant. While earning either one is not preferable, DWI offenses generally do not indicate criminal prosecution or revocation of driving privileges for a single incident. Both are possible with a DUI. Oklahoma police can also arrest drivers whom they suspect of being intoxicated, even if they are not driving, the car is not in motion and is safely off of the roadway, and the driver is unconscious and is causing no harm to property or to the public. Conditions that allow such an arrest are known as actual physical control (APC). The argument behind such a charge is that the driver was aware of intoxication, and could have resumed driving at any time, causing potential property damage and injury. An APC conviction should not be taken lightly, as the penalties are the same as for a DUI conviction. read more

Factors Contributing to Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is a term used to describe illegal actions by a minor. This term is broad in range and can include everything from minor violations like skipping school to more severe crimes such as burglary and violent actions.

Understanding why a minor commits a crime is essential to preventing future crimes from happening. Addressing the issues that has led to the choices that the minor child has made can help them change their actions in the future. read more

Here is What To Do If You Are facing Bankruptcy In Tulsa


It’s amazing how quickly things can change. One minute you’re financially secure, with a home, a car, a business or secure employment, and perhaps even savings. A minute later, illness, unemployment, or another crisis occurs, and you’re faced with the loss of everything that you’ve worked for. read more

Owasso DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants is a serious criminal offense in Oklahoma, and a person charged with drunk driving offenses can face severe penalties if convicted. An understanding of Oklahoma laws that can impact your life if you are stopped for drunk driving could prove beneficial, given that charges resulting in conviction could lead to jail time and loss of personal rights and liberties. read more

The Tender Years Doctrine: Origin, History, Modern Usage And Criticism

As a part of family law, the tender years doctrine or tender years presumption has been in existence since the latter part of the 19th century. According to common law, the doctrine proposes that during the tender years of a child (which is generally regarded as such from the age of four and under), only the mother is allowed custody of the child. The tender years doctrine is often raised in divorce proceedings. read more

The United State of Divorce

Research conducted in the United States estimates that 45 percent of all first marriages and about 60 percent of couples involved in second marriages end up divorcing. Factors associated with divorce include: early marriages, inadequate education, and financial sources, among others.

Factors Associated with Divorce in America read more

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

benefits of divorce mediationEven if one or both spouses don’t feel ready for mediation, when they consider the financial and emotional stresses and costs of contested divorces, they may decide to give mediation a go. First, however, they should consider the state of their relationship. Mediation is most likely to succeed in all or most of the following circumstances: read more

What is No-Fault Divorce?

What is no fault divorce

Evidence of no-fault divorce first popped up in Russia around the early 1900s. California was the first state in the union to create no-fault divorce laws in 1969.

A total of nine states had no-fault by 1977. In 1983 only South Dakota and New York did not allow no-fault divorce. Finally in 2010 New York became the last state in America to have no-fault. read more

The Importance of Proper Estate Planning

In his prime Michael Jackson was loved and admired by anyone with a radio. His songs were catchy and his signature dance moves were unforgettable. Before his death he had some Importance of proper estate Planningconsiderable legal troubles, which were mostly settled at the time of his tragic passing. However, after his death a new set of legal problems started. read more

Tax Deductions for Home Office

Apple, Amazon, Yankee Candle, and even Google all started with a home office. In the digital age, home offices are becoming more common and more feasTax Deductions for your home officeible. This allows business owners to keep operating costs low and have a flexible schedule.

Another benefit of a home office is tax deduction. Not every home office will qualify, but a lot will and usually businesses that have a home office will take any tax break it can get. read more