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What should a parent’s moral conduct be post-divorce?

In general, there are some guidelines, according to the Oklahoma Bar Association, that parents should follow, which are known as the “Ten Commandments” for parental moral conduct. For example, parents should avoid bad-mouthing their exes to their children, which may worry a child or make the child feel like he or she must take sides. Similarly, arguing during visitation drop-offs or pick-ups should be avoided. read more

Is it legal to withhold child support in Oklahoma?

When it comes to determining visitation rights, in cases where one parent has sole custody, under the Oklahoma statutes, the custody order must specify the minimum amount of child visitation that the noncustodial parent will enjoy. When it is in the best interests of the child, the child custody order can include additional visitation time and encourage the child to keep in contact with the noncustodial parent via telephone. read more

Airplane diverted due to child custody dispute

Recently, a flight that was scheduled to travel from the state of Virginia to Beijing, China, had to be diverted as a result of an alleged child abduction. A boy and his mother were on the flight when the boy’s father, a U.S. citizen, notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation of his concerns that the mother was attempting to permanently remove the child to China with no intention of returning to the U.S. read more

Alleged Oklahoma baby abductors vindicated

Two women were recently vindicated after they were mistakenly accused of abducting a baby in Oklahoma. The incident spawned a 14-hour search. It turned out the two women who had the child actually had legal authorization from the mother. The women had taken the 5-month-old girl from her grandmother’s home in Oklahoma on their way to Texas. The grandmother called the police and authorities issued an Amber Alert. read more

New law will require parents to take a course before divorce

A bill in Oklahoma has been signed into law that would mandate that parents take a course on the effects of divorce on minor children before getting a divorce themselves, although this requirement may be waived if there are circumstances that are compelling. The new law, effective November 1, would apply to couples with children under 18-years-old who are divorcing due to incompatibility. read more

TV star wants sole custody of unborn child

Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the television program, “The View,” has recently filed for divorce from her husband. The couple is having a baby, via a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is currently carrying the child, who will be born in July. read more

Maintaining a cordial divorce for the sake of the children

For instance, when it comes to child support it may be beneficial to simply have the parent’s wages garnished. This may ensure that full and timely payments are made. In addition, when it comes to child custody, it is important for each spouse to be mindful of the other spouse’s custody schedule. Sticking to an agreed-upon schedule can also help children feel more secure following a divorce. read more

Can physics help create child custody plans?

In addition to being fair, a child custody order must be workable. While some child custody arrangements may be fair, they may be so complex that they become overwhelmed by the day-to-day chaos that can strike a divorced family with multiple children moving between events and activities and multiple parents. read more

What is the best child custody arrangement?

Because the amount of child support payments tend to increase with the amount of custodial time, non-custodial parents sometimes feel that their former spouse receives a windfall from their child support payment.

This has led to a push by many fathers-rights advocates to equalize the amount of time a child or children spend with both parents. While many states recommend that shared custody with the child spending half of their time with each parent, the reality is often starkly different. read more

Presents present a problem after a divorce

This time of year, with Christmas and all the other holidays, other issues can suddenly appear. Each parent in a divorce may want to demonstrate to their children how much they love them, sometimes leading to competition for the biggest, showiest present. Other problems may be even less expected; for instance, where are you going to store all of those gifts the children just received? read more