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How to Get Unpaid Child Support Payments

How-to-Get-Unpaid-Child-Support-PaymentsWhen a couple who has children gets divorced the courts use a simple method to calculate child support payments. The state of Oklahoma created child support guidelines back in 1987 and those guidelines are still used today. These guidelines use two main factors to determine child support payments: the income of the parents and the number of overnight visits the child has with each parent.

Once the amount is set by the court it can be changed if a parent’s income changes or if the number of overnight visits changes. read more

Focusing on children in Oklahoma child support cases

In Oklahoma, there is a statutory state formula that is followed when calculating how much child support is to be paid. The formula takes into account each parent’s financial circumstances. In this way, a fair amount may be reached that assists the custodial parent in taking care of the child without imposing an unreasonable financial burden on the paying parent. read more

Cooperating with Child Support Services in Oklahoma

First, parents should fill out the application for support completely, so that Child Support Services has all the information they need. If a parent currently has a support agreement in place, Child Support Services should be notified of this. It is also helpful for the custodial parent to provide Child Support Services with a monthly record of any payments that the noncustodial parent gave the custodial parent for child support. read more

Modifying a child support order in Oklahoma

Much can change for a parent after a divorce. This is especially true of a parent’s financial circumstances. For example, a parent in Oklahoma could get a job promotion, leading to an increase in income. Or, a parent could be laid off, leading to a decrease in income. In addition, the costs involved in raising a child may vary based on the child’s needs. When there is a child support order in place, these fluctuations in a parent’s finances could majorly affect the parent’s ability to raise the child. For all these reasons, parents may choose to pursue a modification of child support. It is important, then, to ascertain when such a modification may be approved. read more

What is the role of Oklahoma Child Support Services?

First of all, OCSS can help locate a parent who is obligated to pay child support. OCSS regularly consults local, state and federal resources to find information regarding the paying parent’s place of employment, mailing address and property. In addition, it is a requirement that employers notify the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission of all new hires. Employers have 20 days to carry out this task. read more

When is child support considered past due in Oklahoma?

When a court orders child support payments to be made, it will include a date by which payments need to be made. If payments are not received by the custodial parent on these dates, the noncustodial parent may be considered delinquent on their payments. read more

There are consequences for failing to pay child support

There are consequences should a non-custodial parent fail to meet their child support obligations. The Oklahoma Child Support Services office can take action against a parent who fails to pay child support. The consequences can vary. read more

Oklahoma child support goes beyond basic necessities

Some believe that child support should cover nothing more than the basic needs: food, housing and clothing. However, under Oklahoma Statutes section 43-118, child support can cover more than those basic needs. It can also cover transportation expenses, entertainment expenses and public education expenses. In addition, a medical support order that will cover health care will also be entered into, alongside a child support order. Moreover, child care costs may also be considered in some circumstances. All these expenses are important as part of a well-rounded childhood. read more

Marc Anthony’s child support obligations to rise significantly

Actor and musician Marc Anthony has been ordered to pay $26,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife. The couple has two children together. His ex-wife initially received $13,400 a month, but has since requested $123,426 a month, a request that was denied by the court She claimed that her life and needs have altered since the couple’s 2004 divorce. She also requested that Anthony pay for a housekeeper and nanny, which would amount to an additional $7,000 a month. Per the terms of their divorce settlement, she also retained a house, membership to a golf club, two vehicles as well as money to be used for vacations. read more

Oklahoma doctor loses license due to child support debt

Recently a doctor in Oklahoma has had his license to practice medicine revoked due to unpaid child support, and he must now notify his clients and hospitals where he is employed that he will be unable to serve them due to unpaid child support. It is reported by the Department of Human Services that the doctor has arrearages in excess of $20,000. Should he become current in his child support obligations or create a payment plan, he may have his license reinstated. read more