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Tulsa Collaborative Divorce: An Alternative to Traditional Divorce

When two people decide to divorce, it does not have to be a difficult process. Neither party has to face a long and drawn out battle with numerous court dates and large expenses. Both parties can agree to opt for a collaborative divorce.

When collaborating a divorce, both parties sit down and negotiate every aspect of the divorce settlement in a controlled environment. Using mediators and their attorneys, each party can negotiate the terms of their divorce without having to go to court.

This type of negotiation process often eliminates all of the emotions attached to a divorce and allows both parties to move forward without issue. In reality, emotional issues are often what cause divorces to be delayed and adds to their overall expense. read more

Collaborative Divorce: Key Elements and Rules

It is a misconception that the divorce process has to end in a long and drawn out court battle. In many cases, the divorce process can be completed without either party ever having to see the inside of a courtroom. Known as collaborative divorce, this type of divorce is settled outside of the court and only needs to be finalized with the signature of a judge.

Emotions and tempers can run high while a divorce is taking place. One spouse may feel so hurt that they seek revenge through a delayed process and fighting throughout the divorce. The truth is, even though this may somehow feel justified during the process; in the end the divorce is still finalized. All that really occurred is that both parties had more headaches and larger legal bills than was necessary. read more