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Difference Between Alimony and Child Support

In family law no two words are mixed up more than alimony and child support. This case of tomayto tomahto has gone on long enough, so we wanted to clear the air.

Alimony and child support are two different legal terms, used for two different reasons. There’s also considerable differences when it comes to taxes, so make sure you know which one you’re paying.

What is Alimony?

Sometimes called spousal support, alimony is a payment made to a former spouse that allows both spouses to maintain a lifestyle similar to the lifestyle they had when they were married. The intended purpose of alimony isn’t to help children, it’s to help the former spouse. This happens when one party makes considerably more than the other spouse. read more

Why You Need a Tulsa Adoption Lawyer

Wanting to adopt is a noble and wholesome desire that many families feel every year. Sometimes this desire can be so overwhelming that parents want to rush the process in order to bring their new child home faster tamiflu medicine. This is understandable because the adoption process can become very tedious, but the process is tedious for a good reason.

It was recently discovered some American parents adopting children from Mexico were tricked into paying cash for children who were forcefully taken from their birth parents. These children were taken from poor and commonly drug addicted homes by the government. read more

What happens at a guardianship hearing in Oklahoma?

The guardianship hearing is the place in which the person seeking to be appointed guardian of the child or the child’s property asks the court to grant such a request. It is important for the person seeking to be appointed guardian to bring with them to the hearing any court papers. The person seeking to be appointed guardian will have the opportunity at the guardianship hearing to submit evidence to the judge supporting their case. The person may testify and witnesses may also provide testimony on the person’s behalf. read more

What are the three forms of guardianship in Oklahoma?

There are certain circumstances in which the court will deem it necessary to appoint a guardian to a child under 18 years old. This may be the case if both of the child’s parents have died or if for some reason the child’s parents are incapable of raising the child. Guardians are often relatives of the child, but not always. Parents may have stipulated in a will who is to be a child’s guardian should the parents both pass away before the child has reached adulthood. The adult who is appointed to care for the child is known as the guardian and the child is known as the ward. read more

Completing a petition for guardianship in Oklahoma

First of all, the court must know in which county the petition is being filed. Also, if there is to be a co-guardian in one’s situation, that person’s name must be provided.

In addition, certain information about the child is necessary. The court will need the legal name of the child, including first name, middle name and surname. In addition, the petition for guardianship must contain the child’s Social Security number. Furthermore, the court will need to know the child’s date of birth. read more

Football coach takes guardianship of orphaned student athlete

There are times in Oklahoma when minor children are in a situation in which they might need to live with people other than their parents. There could be a variety of reasons as to why this situation might occur. There could be domestic abuse, illness or numerous other reasons for a guardianship action to be initiated. The most important aspect of this type of situation is to ensure that the youngsters are properly cared for and in some circumstances, a guardianship is the best way to achieve this goal. read more

What are the factors for establishing permanent guardianship?

Under Oklahoma law, a court can establish guardianship on a permanent basis between a child and another adult, including a blood relative such as grandparents, if it is in the child’s best interests and several other factors are met. read more

Oklahoma Supreme Court: Facebook message not legal notification

The couple at issue in the case were in a relationship and the woman became pregnant. However, the woman did not notify the man that he was to be a father, except through a Facebook message. The man claims he never saw the message, and indeed did not receive any notice that he was the father of a daughter until the child was adopted. read more

In Oklahoma, guardians tasked with many different roles

In general, if the child’s parents are unfit to serve as guardians or are no longer alive, the court may look to relatives such as grandparents to serve as guardians. Or, in many states, if the child has reached a certain age, a person of the child’s choosing may be appointed to serve as a guardian. Failing that, the court may even recommend a state employee who knows the child to serve as the child’s guardian. read more

Boy taken from his grandparents’ care in custody dispute

In a recent child custody dispute, the parents of a 10-year-old boy attempted to take their child away from the child’s grandparents, who were acting as the child’s legal guardians. The incident took place at the Durant Multi-Sports Complex in Durant, Oklahoma. The incident is under police investigation, but reportedly, the father said that he was taking the child and told the child to run to the father’s truck. read more